Trekking / camping

The Japanese take forest baths (time in the forest with exposure to their skin) to enhance their immunity and mental health.  Nature is healing and what better way to enjoy it than to take a walk and/or sleep under the stars.

We hand select our operators who share our beliefs about sustainable travel and how it affects the culture and the land.

We create memorable experiences leaving you returning from your trip a different person--a better person for the experience of communing with nature.




snow fun

Do you want to see the African animals in their natural habitat? Do you have specific animals you want to check off of your list? To accomplish this you often times need to track and follow the animals and camp along the way.  Why not camp under the same trees from which the elephants eat? Why not see the largest expanse of night sky untouched by human light pollution?
Why not camp on the shores of the ocean and greet the sunrise in the morning. Set camp on an island and spend the day with marine biologists studying whales.  Camping and water are a magical mix and bring renewed vigor to an adventurer. 

Ever spend time with reindeer herders or snowshoed to camp in a yurt? How about staying overnight in an ice hotel or an igloo? There are so many fun adventures in the snow.  Dog sledding, ice climbing, cross-country skiing and other cold-weather activities all make for wonderful experiences.


Through hikes

Multi day river trips

Wonder what it's like to wake up in the canopy of the Brazilian jungle? Ever consider sleeping hanging on the side of a cliff? Many unusual options await you in the adventure world.  Let us help you find one to meet your tastes.
There are so many wonderful hikes throughout the world. Consider the following: 
The Pacific Crest Trail (USA)
The Appalachian Trail (USA)
The Ice Age Trail (USA)
The Inca Trail (Peru)
The W Trek (Chile)
The South West Coast Path (UK)
The Te Araroa (New Zealand)
The Camino Real (Spain)
The Grand Italian Trail (Italy)
The Great Himalayan Trail (Nepal)
The Hokkaido Nature Trail (Japan)
The Trans Panama Trail (Panama)
The Via Dinarica (Balkans region)
Traveling via rivers is a sure way to see places most others don't. Whether by raft, kayak or canoe, these trips can be mental health retreats in their own rite.  See the guts of the jungle, the glacial run-off of the mountains and the insides of canyons while river camping.