​Let's have some fun! Don't know what you like? Not sure you'd be happy with a vacation only hosting one sport? Have a family with various interests?  Then try a multisport adventure.    

We hand select our operators who share our beliefs about sustainable travel and how it affects the culture and the land.

  ​There are always opportunities to combine various sports, various levels of adventure and various experiences into one itinerary.  If you want adrenaline, food, history, star gazing and a spa all in one package, then contact us and let us help you plan it.  


sailing in croatia

colombian discovery

copper canyon of mexico

Croatia and its neighboring countries have history galore, beautiful and rugged nature, incredible food and a gorgeous sea begging to be sailed upon.  Why hike on land and discover the history of this fine land before embarking on a sailing adventure taking you to islands where you can embark on biking trips, elaborate dining, kayaking and other fun activities.
No longer the Colombia of the 1980's, Colombia has become a hotbed of adventure for travelers to enjoy.  Why not plan a trip that begins at the coast with history and sailing, moves inland for some urban salsa dancing adventure and culminates in the mountains with the amazing views from a paraglider.  Drink some of the best coffee in the world and enjoy!
Six times the size of the USA's Grand Canyon, the Copper Canyon offers a variety of adventure.  Native inhabitants of the canyon can be seen through hiking, biking and other land adventures. The canyon also contains a via ferrata as well as the longest, fasted zip line in all of Latin America.  Travel upwards of 60 mph over the canyon as your eyes water and your heart pumps. It's soon to be a place you will never forget.

wine tours adventure style

patagonia multisport

costa rica adventure

The jungles, rivers and coasts of Costa Rica are ripe with multi-adventures.  How about a hike through a chocolate plantation where you not only learn how to make cocoa but also observe the various birds and animals of the area? The next day go rafting on the river and round out the trip with a night hike to the shores to observe sea turtles laying eggs.  Costa Rica is a great place for family adventure and for those with groups containing many levels of fitness.
There is no reason you can't enjoy a wine tour involving a little adventure.  Maybe you'd like a multi-vineyard tour via horseback in the Mendoza region of Argentina.  Maybe a trip via bicycle in Canada is more your style.  No matter, vineyards are invariably located near unique lands offering a variety of activities that are sure to quench the thirst of any adventurer.
The Patagonia region in South America boasts of a vast land with various climates, elevations and adventures.  Consider a multisport adventure involving horseback riding, hiking, kayaking and camping.  You will become one with the landscape and will fully appreciate the wonder of this area.