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September 30, 2014 @ 10:23 am
posted by Dana

Experiential Communication Consultant and International Speaker


Experiential communication consultant

Dana S. Johnson

Dana Johnson has a Master’s degree in exercise physiology with an emphasis in sports psychology.  In addition to having experience as an adventure client, adventure guide and sales representative she has spent years as a corporate trainer for several fortune 500 companies.  This unique combination has launched Dana into a new space within the travel industry.  Dana works with chambers, tourism boards, tour operators, outfitters and travel agencies, teaching them the importance of experiential sales.  The travel industry is selling experiences yet ignoring the differences in people and how they participate in travel.

The travel industry is extremely competitive and a new generation of travelers is digging deeper than Trip Adviser and Yahoo Reviews to determine if a location is worthy of their hard earned money.  Dana works with companies to create extremely memorable itineraries custom tailored to the individual.  She teaches staff how to read body language and how to react to opposing personality types.  Above all else Dana teaches the actual physiology of vacationing and adventure. Memories are merely chemical reactions in the brain and with proper understanding an outfitter or tour operator can make an experience more memorable and pleasant, thus creating a profit-generating sales force through word of mouth from satisfied clients. If you are interested in hiring Dana to speak or to work with you directly please contact her at: dana@openleafx.com  1-262-853-8996

You can visit her consulting website at DanaSJohnson.com to learn more about how Dana can help your business thrive through experiential communication, sales and hospitality.

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