Air & water

Playing in two of the elements of water and air is grand.  We have partners which can help you get your surf on or get your wings on.  From kayaking, surfing and canyoneering to paragliding, sky diving and hot air ballooning, no adventure is off limits. 

We hand select our operators who share our beliefs about sustainable travel and how it affects the culture and the land.

Air and water fun doesn't have to be adrenaline packed but it does go against the human tendency of wanting to remain grounded.  We can help you go step by step deeper into the world of adrenaline in a safe and controlled manner.


Hot air ballooning safari


sky diving

Watch the great migrations over the savannah from the air.   When the burners are off you'll be able to hear the stampede below and enjoy the rush of the animals.  You may even see the circle of life play out below you with predators and prey, as well as the majesty of elephants, rhino and giraffes.
Want to understand how a bird feels soaring on the currents of the wind?  Paragliding is a sport where actual pilots take you in the air tandem and utilize the wind and the thermal air currents to float in the air.  You can take off from a beach or if you're more daring, run off a cliff.  This is an invigorating experience and we love to share it with customers.

We all know someone who has sky dived.  We may even know someone who has done it independently of an instructor and participates in it regularly.  But how many of us know or can say we've sky dived in some remote areas of the world.  How about a dive over the desert of Namibia, Africa? If you're an accomplished diver or a newbie, why not have a story to tell upon the return of your vacation about the unique area you observed from 10,000 ft?


waterfall jumping


Kayaking is a great sport to share with the family.  Sea or whitewater is completely doable by people of all age groups.  Proper instruction and equipment can make this sport a lifelong obsession. 
Imagine jumping off of waterfalls beginning at 5 feet and culminating in a 24 foot jump.  Now imagine the frothy waters being the color of the sky and being surrounded by beautiful jungle.  We have just the adventure for you!
Surfing is a great sport for understanding the ocean's magic and for getting in great shape.  We partner with surf instructors around the world and have numerous surf camps available to book for you.  Doesn't matter if you've never put a toe in the ocean before, sign up and have some fun.