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The Hidden Spots of Latin America You’ll Love to Find

October 27, 2016 @ 2:58 pm
posted by Dana

Latin America is full of hidden wonders which’ll shock and surprise you with every turn. There isn’t enough time in one holiday to find all of them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t check out a couple while on your exploration of South America.


Huayllay National Sanctuary – Peru


In a scene which you could imagine wouldn’t be out of place in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ franchise, the Huayllay National Sanctuary is a testament to the beauty of nature over the millennia.

This giant rock forest towers hundreds of feet above the ground, and was forged thousands of years ago when the area was still submerged under the sea.

Thanks to this, the rocks have formed unique and breath-taking shapes which correspond with the past layers of the seafloor.

Take an afternoon to stroll through the giant stone maze and find wonderful spots to break for lunch – or just simply to sit down and soak in the atmosphere.


El Zanjon de Granados – Argentina

This interesting tourist spot appears on the surface to just be a lavish mansion – but a closer inspection reveals a massive network of tunnels which were built by early settlers in Buenos Aires roughly 500 years ago.

You’ll be handed a guided tour of the tunnels, with a guide who’ll provide you with a detailed tour of the history of the area.

In a grim twist, these streets were once used to channel water, but were closed off with the San Telmo outbreak of yellow-fever.

There’s no disease lurking about however, with El Zanjon standing out as one of the most fascinating hidden spots in South America.


Lake Atitlan – Guatemala


This mass of water lies directly at the base of three giant volcanoes, providing for some of the most aesthetically mind-blowing views imaginable.

The crisp blue pool might seem relatively peaceful, but Lake Atitlan holds a much more sinister secret – passed down by superstitious locals for generations.

It’s said “some of the lakeside villages worship a god called Maximon, who is officially the god of rum and cigars.” Pagan deities may have died out in most corners of the world, but  the culture still lives on here – and is worth checking out.


Swing at the end of the world – Ecuador

The Casa del Arbol is arguably the most versatile tree in the world – serving not only as a beautiful treehouse to look out over Mount Tungurahua, but also a swing which hangs over the edge of a giant cavern.

Depending on your capability with heights, this swing stands out as either the most incredible or terrifying experience to sink your teeth into.

With no safety net or harness, it’s no surprise “falling would probably mean death, but that doesn’t stop adventurous swingers from giving the swing at the end of the world a go.” Try this one out at your own peril.


Montana Magica Lodge – Chile


We conclude our list with a spot which’ll serve to act as the perfect base for your South American escape – with this lodge built into a natural reserve.

The hotel itself comes across like something which was crafted by ancient Ewoks – with rooms only reachable by a rope bridge.

The design is shaped like a massive cone, with water pouring down from the top and past the guests’ windows.

The suites themselves are named after local birds, while hot tubs have also been integrated to accommodate for people wanting to live it up in the lap of luxury.

These are just five of the most underappreciated spots in Latin America you’d love. Why not try at least one of these out the next time you’re in the region? You won’t regret it.

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